Rome Locations


Piazza di Spagna

Piazza del Popolo

Villa Borghese


Piazza Navona

Via dei Coronari

Castel Sant’Angelo

San Pietro

Fori Imperiari



Parco degli Acquedotti

Giardino degli Aranci

Popular 3-hour routes





+piazza navona

+Via dei coronari

Spanish steps


+ piazza del popolo

spanish steps + Pincio +villa borghese

Majestic Pantheon, spacious and gorgeous Piazza Navona with fountains and obelisk. We will then enjoy the "street photos" on Via Dei Coronari, one of the loveliest strees in Rome.

From the Spanish Steps, walk to the Pincio Terrace where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Rome as well as a part of the Borghese Park. Walk down the steps and shoot in the Piazza del Popolo, famous for its "twin churches".

After shooting at the Spanish Steps and Pincio Terrace with the view of Rome, walk to the Villa Borghese with unique monuments such as the Temple of Diana. You can enjoy shooting in nature. Recommended for spring & summer.



castel sant'angelo

+ via dei coronari

+ Piazza Navona


+fori imperiali


"Roman Empire" route.

Start shooting from the Arch of Constantine and head to the Colosseum, continuing on to the Via dei Fori Imperiali with the dynamic Roman Forum in the background.

Via dei Fori Imperiali leads to the beautiful Campidoglio Square, one of the most popular Roman wedding photo locations, full of photogenic spots.

Starting from Castel Sant'Angelo, overlooking the Tiber River, shooting along the riverside as well. After enjoying the shoot on the Sant'Angelo Bridge, "street photo" shoot on lovely Via Dei Coronari, finishing up with popular Piazza Navona.