F.A.Q. – 2


We will be constantly moving and walking around, so I highly recommend a dress that is light, comfortable, non-bulky, and easy to move around in. With a dress without a pannier, not only is it easier to move, but also you will be able to have a variety of posing options (Of course, if your favorite dress has a pannier, please do wear it! But please note that you have less posing options).

Please note that your dress will be dirty/damaged at the end of the shoot most of the time as we will be walking around. Please consider that in autumn and winter, especially, when it often rains and the pavements are wet, a shorter dress is easier to manage (again, if you'd like a longer dress, we will be able to shoot with a help of an assistant ).

What kind of dress do you recommend?

I plant to wear a pair of high-heeled shoes that match the length of my dress.

We will be walking around stone pavement for a long time, so in order to relax and enjoy the shooting without any stress, and to use the shooting time efficiently, I highly recommend that you bring a pair of flat shoes or sneakers that goes well with the dress.

Of course, if there a pair of high-heeled shoes that you love, please do bring them, along with a pair of flat-shoes.

Of course! You can wear additional dress(es) with an added fee of 200 euros /dress.

Can I wear 2 dresses? (or More?)

Please send me the images. I would be happy to know what kind of images you'd like to create. They can be my photos and/or other photographers' photos.

There are specific shots that i have in mind.

Sure! Send me the image(s) of the bouquet/boutonnier, and I will give you the quote for the bouquet delivery service to your hotel.

A small, simple bouquet starts from 85 euros.

Depending on the kind of flowers and the size, the typical price ranges from 100 - 200 euros, including the delivery fee.

Can I order a bouquet and/or boutonnier?

Shooting Day

If the rain is not too heavy, we will shoot in the rain with umbrellas. If the weather forecast predicts the rain, I will bring a pair of transparent umbrellas.

If it rains too hard, we will shoot inside, e.g. your hotel, a bar (cafe), or places with ceilings.

What if it rains?

Do you have an assitant?

The basic shooting plans (Premium & Classic) does not include an assistant.

If you have a hair&makeup service, however, the hair&makeup artist can come along with us to assist during the shoot.

If you do not have a hair&makeup service, I would highly recommend adding an assitant service especially when:

- your dress is long, and/or voluminous

- you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes and need to change shoes during the shoot

- you shoot in winter (as someone needs to hold your jacket/coat during the shoot).

Assistant fee starts from 40 euros.

If you do not have either a hair&makeup service or assitant, please bring as little as possible. Please bring:

- small makeup kit

- a bottle of water (in warm weather)

- light and compact jacket (in cold weather)

Please keep your valuables (your wallet & a cell phone) to yourself, in a way that does not show in the photo, such as in a small wearable pouch, or in an inner pocket of the jacket.

In summer, please bring a bottle of water and a handkerchief/small towel as it can get very hot.

In winter, I recommend bringing disposable hand/pocket/body/shoe warmers, and a light and compact jacket/coat.

If you have a hair&makeup service or an assistant, they can hold your belongings during the shoot (except for valuables)

What should I bring?

Can you take photos with our cell phone during the shoot?

In order to use the shooting time effectively, I focus on shooting with my own cameras. With the assistant service, they can take photos and a few short videos as well.


Of course! Once you decide to book, I will send you a questionnaire. When you fill out the questionnaire and pay the deposit, the date is booked for you. You can decide on which plan to choose after this.

can I hold the date first and then decide on the plan later?

For Rome and Florence, it's 200 euros. Other places, depending on the place, it starts from 300 euros.

For Elopement shooting, the deposit is 1/3 of the total fee.

How much is the deposit?

how can I pay?

You can pay by cash, credit card (Paypal), or bank transfer.

Can I pay in installments?


What is the cancellation policy?

A. If the client decides to cancel the session, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • 1 month or more before the session date, the photographer will keep the deposit.
  • 1 month to 3 days before the session date, the photographer will keep 50% of the total service fee
  • 2 days to the day of the session, the photographer will keep 100% of the total service fee

B. If the photographer cancels the service, the photographer returns the full amount paid up to the day of cancellation.

After the delivery

Of course! Some clients choose a bigger album for themselves and smaller ones for their families. The Main Album can be made in the size of 20 x 20cm, 25 x 25cm, 30 x 30cm, and the additional album can be made also in 15 x 15cm.

Can I order additional albums for my family?

Which album size do you recommend?

You can choose whichever size you'd like, but the bigger the album, the more you can enjoy the quality of the printing.

Basically, I only accept clients who allow me to publish their photos on my website, Instagram, etc. I'm a freelance, and I can continue to work only by publishing my work.

I do not disclose any personal information. I "tag" you on Instagram, only when you ask me to do so.

You can also choose which photos to NOT be published, once your online gallery is delivered to you.

If you do not want me to publish your photos, additional fee will apply as follows:

If you allow me to publish:

  • only the photos in which it is impossible to recognize the faces: additional 10% of session fee
  • No photo: additional 30% of session fee

Will the photos be published on instagram?

Hia & Makeup

Of course! About 1 month before the session, you can exchange messages and images with your hair & makeup artist on Whatsapp.

can I consult the hair&makeup artist beforehand?

how long does the hair&makeup take?

Usually 2 to 3 hours.

If you choose to wear more than one dress (and change the hairstyle as well), it takes additional 1-hour or so.

Usually, we go back to your hotel to change dresses/hairstyles.

Where do we change dresses/hairstyles?

Of course! Some dresses are trickier to wear with ribbons, etc, and your hair & makeup artist will help you with it.

Will the hair&makeup artist help me wear my dress?